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Welcome chez Pandri !

In the beginning of 2019, Florence saw a documentary about fashion and its environmental impact : fast fashion, pollution, human exploitation and social inequalities. That is when she had the idea of creating a local, short circuit, durable fashion project. 


We usually have more clothes in our wardrobe than we can use and, as known, it is not always good to send your clothes for donation (it dismantles local fashion in developing nations, generates piles of waste and more pollution). And that’s how the idea of a clothes swap is born.


The project was developed by 2 friends (Florence and Delphine) and the main goals is to minimize the impact of the clothing industry : take the clothes we don’t use and make a giant shared wardrobe! The concept is to keep your style with garments that you love without foolish spending. So you can bring all clothes that are in good condition but you don’t love anymore and you change them for points (the local currency at Pandri).


All the clothes are disposed of in racks, hanging just like in a shop. Then you can choose clothes that other participants brought and buy them with your points. You leave with « new » clothes, and your old clothes can also be re-loved. In case you don’t find something you like, you accumulate points for a next event. And since October 2022, you can also find kids' clothes!


The organization is all done by the volunteers and now Florence and Sandrine are the head of Pandri, with many arms to help give your clothes a new meaning. To improve your experience, in parallel with that event, we have already done some workshops, like upcycling and little adjustments.

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